As for sizing, please ensure we receive your dog's exact neck circumference and not your dog's existing collar length. To obtain your dog's neck circumference, just use a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your dog's neck where the collar would sit. We will make the exact circumference of your dog's neck the second hole on the collar, leaving at least 4" for growth. We can make the exact circumference size the third hole on the collar and request that you direct us accordingly.

Please note the collars pictured are our samples. The final product will have finished edges and may be slightly different from the ones displayed because depending on the sizing, we may need to use more or reposition the conchos to maintain the theme of the collar.

For the greatest value, please consider making your collar a Quick Change collar. With this option, you will actually get 2 collars for the price of 1 as the top ply can be easily removed with the base collar for normal wear and usually stamped with your dog's name (There is no additional charge for this option). The Quick Change option is available for most of our designs. However please note that the Quick Change option will make the top ply be slightly more raised than normal due to the snaps used to attach the top ply to the base collar. PLEASE NOTE, THIS OPTION SHOULD NOT BE SELECTED IF YOUR DOG IS NOT FULLY GROWN. Should you have further questions on this option please feel free to contact us.

As all our collars are custom and made to order, it will take us around 2 to 3 weeks to complete from start to finish (which includes dying and treating the leather). Prior to shipment, we will send you a notification to let you know when your order will be shipped.

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  • Emporium - $119.99

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    This is our design for a Steampunk collar.  This 2" collar was inspired by a client's custom jacket. It captures the Victori...

  • Jade Venom - $69.99

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    Spikes, jade, silver, artistically laid out on a beautiful, rugged strip of leather. (1.25" wide)

  • Praetorian - $119.99

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    $119.99 During Roman times, the Praetorian served as guards to the emperor and high ranking generals.  This truly distinc...

  • Mandarin - $79.99

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    The client that commissioned us to create this collar wanted something that resembles chainmail armor. The “Mandarin Collar...

  • The General - $99.99

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    The General is a 3" collar meant for a regal strong dog with attitude.

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