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Photos of our clients modeling their Cerberus Designs collar.

We would like to thank all our human clients for sending pictures of their puppies modeling their Cerberus Designs collars and permitting us to post the pictures on the Dog Park page:


8 Months Old Arya – This is Arya, a red Doberman, living in New York State.  Arya’s owner found our company when Arya was only a pup.  We recommended for Arya’s owner to wait at least 8 months to order a collar to allow Arya to grow.  Well, Arya is now 8 months old and her ordered a Drago Collar.

Rebel Doberman


Thor wearing his Thor Collar – Please meet Thor.  He is a red Doberman that won a custom collar.



Kona’s new bling – Please meet Kona, a long time Cerberus Designs client, showing off another custom brass chain collar.  However, this one has elements of stingray leather.  Soon we will have to make a brass chain leash to compliment this collar.

Custom Canine Collar


Phoenix Rising – This is Phoenix, a Dobereich Doberman, wearing her new custom collar.

Rising Phoenix


A Red Glitter Punk Collar for Lilly – Our Glitter Punk Collar, and various variations of it, is the most popular unisex collar style to date.  We have dyed many colours for this design however never red … until now.  Here is a picture of Lilly wearing her early Christmas gift.

Unique Leather Collar


Some Bling for Porscha – We would like everyone to meet Porscha, a Doberman puppy living in Mississauga, Ontario.  Porscha’s parents commissioned us to create a pink rhinestone collar and they were kind enough to send us this picture of Porscha wearing her new collar.  The collar is a 1.5″ black base with her name stamped, with a pink 2.5″ quick snap top ply covered with clear rhinestones.



A Unique Bling for Kona – What to get Kona, a red male Doberman puppy, when he has almost everything?  That was Ben’s dilemma who resides in Oakville, Ontario.  Ben knew he wanted a collar with brass chains, which had to be ordered from the US, and designed this.  Thank you Ben for sending us pictures of Kona wearing his unique collar.  The pictures were a courtesy of De Franco Photography & Sports.












Centurion Collar for Loki – Everyone, please meet Loki.  He is a blue nose Pitt Bull, living in Maple Grove, Minnesota, and he is wearing his new Centurion Collar.  This may be the first collar we have made for a Pitt Bull to date.  Thank you Loki’s owner for sending us this beautiful picture.


Gladiator Collar for Bacchus – A while back we posted a picture of a Gladiator & Leashing combo headed for Dover, Delaware.  Today, our client’s owner, Mary, was kind enough to send a picture of Bacchus (UCD URO3 GRACH Briarwood Back To Basics CD RAE AX AXJ AXP AJP MXF XFP WAE CGC ATT) wearing his new collar.  It is truly an honour for him to have and wear one of our collars.


Penny Collar for a Special Doberman – A while back we were commissioned to create a collar for a Doberman named Penny.  Penny’s owner wanted the Canadiana collar but with the Maple leaf replaced with Canadian Pennies. Since Penny was born in 2011, we used 2011 Pennies.  Penny’s owner was kind enough to forward pictures of Penny wearing her new collar.  Thank you.


This is Beezie, a 3.5 years old Doberman living in Mississauga.  For Woofstock, Beezie’s mother got her this beautiful Quick Snap Celtic Glam Collar.


This is Akin, a Boerboel, a mastiff dog breed from South Africa.  Akin lives in Scarborough and celebrated his birthday on February 12th.  For the special occasion, Akin’s dad got him a nice one of a kind collar.  This collar has 3 plies of leather, with the middle ply being stingray leather with black and white stripes to mimic the stripes on a zebra.  All plies are hand stitched using red thread.


Odin, an American Bulldog and Boston Terrier cross that lives in Moncton New Brunswick, is one lucky puppy this month.  His dad got him a nice Centurion Collar so he can be the envy of his local dog park.  This is Odin showing off his new collar:

Odin - Custom Collar


We had the privilege of creating a collar for Reo, an American Bulldog.  His owner really like the Ghost Ryder theme but wanted some extra black rhinestones.  This is Reo modelling his new collar:

Reo's Collar


We would like to introduce Nikki. She is an 18 months old Dogue De Bordeaux who lives in Guelph, Ontario. As she is such a good girl, her parents got her a new LuXor collar and matching leash.  Here is a picture of her lounging around with her new collar.


This is Zeus III, a red Dobereich show Doberman who lives in Grimsby, Ontario.  Zeus III’s owners (Gary & Chris) ordered a 1″ Quick Snap collar with a Lucky Stars and Jade Venom top ply:


Not too long ago, we had the privilege of creating the Le Marquis and Nieto collars with matching leashes for a black Russian Terrier, that lives in Stouffville, Ontario.  Our human client was kind enough to send us these pictures:


This is “Pierre”, a 6 months old French Bulldog that lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Pierre’s owner ordered the Le Marquis Collar with matching leash not too long ago and was kind enough to send us these pictures.  When Pierre gets older, we would be honoured to create another collar for him.


We had the privilege of creating the Trinity collar for Nikita (a Doberman) that lives on a military base in Maryland, USA.  This was the first time we ever shipped to a military base so we were afraid that the box would be opened prior to reaching Nikita.  We were delighted when we found it that the box was not opened.   Here are some pictures of Nikita wearing her new Trinity collar:


A client in Alliston, Ontario wanted 2 Gladiator collars for 2 show Dobermans from Ausleben reg’d Doberman.  However, as the Gladiator collar was initially designed for a Cane Corso and is 3″ wide, we re-designed it to better fit these beautiful show Dobermans.  Here are Lexus and Isis modelling their new collars:

Gladiator Doberman Collar Cerberus DesignsGladiator collar by Cerberus Designs



We had the opportunity to personally deliver a Celtic Glam collar to a very special Dobereich Doberman named Ronin a few days ago. Here are some pictures that were sent by Ronin’s owner modeling his new collar.

Cerberus Designs

Celtic Glam Collar by Cerberus DesingsCustom_Leather_Collars_By_Cerberus_Designs



With so many companies making leather collars in the US, it was our pleasure to create a Jr. Superstars collar for Cooper who lives in San Francisco, California.
Jr. Superstar collar by Cerberus Designs


This is Lady, a 14 years old lab mix, in Peterborough modeling her Celtic Glam collar, customized with pink rhinestones, after a shave for those hot summer days and nights.
Custom Leather Collar


Sudbury, Ontario is a mining City with few options for fashion sense. But Ransom will always be looking his best in his Celtic Glam collar.
Celtic Glam


Hachiko, a Shiba Inu, looking stunning in his new Drago collar.
Hachico modelling leather collar Drago


Maui in her new black Drago leather dog collar customized with red rubies.


Stormtrooper leaves no doubt she is a superstar in hew custom blood red Superstars leather dog collar.

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