One of a kind Collar for a Rottweiler

Ben from Aspin K9, commissioned us to create a one of a kind collar with fur and spikes for his Rottweiler. Essentially, Ben wanted the fur to look like a mane on his Rottweiler rather than just a collar. This is the result. Thank you Ben for sending us a picture of your puppy wearing his new one of a kind collar:

Update – January 6, 2012: Ben has commissioned us again to make a similar collar as above but this time using red fur.  This was definitely a challenge for us as red fur is simply very hard to come by but we have been given the OK to proceed with the following materials.  We will post the final product shortly:



One of the joys of making collars for dogs is meeting truly unique owners and their pets. This is certainly the case of Ben from Aspin K9. Ben not only trains large breed dogs like Rottweilers, Dobermans, Cane Corsos etc … he also supplies raw, pre-mixed, food for dogs. So if you need tips on feeding your puppy raw food, contact Ben as we are sure he will be able to help.

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