Clearance: Waterproof Fleece Jacket – 60% Off (Now $32.40)

The Hurtta Fleece Jacket has been designed for situations where it must be quick and easy to put on your pet's jacket. It is perfect for warming up muscles before and during training activities. The back has a waterproof zipper, which makes it easy to put it on and take off.

SIZING: Measure the back length of your dog from the neckline (wither) to the base of the tail, while your dog stands in a normal position, and that will be the size of the jacket in inches. When measuring the back length, be very careful as depending on your dog's position, the dimensions may vary by several inches.

Only available sizes are listed.

Hurtta Recommended Sizing by Breed Chart or Sizing Manual.

$81.00 $32.40 (Excl. HST)
Weight: 2.0kg
Width: 37cm
Height: 7cm
Length: 54cm
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