Leather Care

All of our collars are made from premium quality leather and our passion for making your pet look its best.  To ensure the longevity of your collar, please keep the following in mind:

If the collar is dirty, do not put it in your washing machine.  Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth.  Make sure that you do not saturate the leather or rub it too vigorously.  You should not use any ammonia or alcohol based cleaning solutions.

We understand dogs love water and the collar may get wet.  When this happens, please remove the collar and put in a cool and well-ventilated area to allow it to dry naturally.

Just like your skin, overtime or under cold conditions, the collar will dry out and may experience surface cracks.  This will not compromise the integrity of the leather in any way.  To prevent this, the collar will require occasional application of moisturizer and protector similar to a pair of shoes or leather jacket.

Best Practices
In order to keep the collar lasting longer, keep it out of heat, humidity and away from direct sunlight for extended periods.

In following these easy care tips you will find that maintaining your leather collar will be a breeze.  Your dog’s leather collar will maintain its brilliance and longevity.

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