Auction of Princess Collar for Doberman Assistance Network (DAN)

Thank you to everyone who bid on this collar. The final bid was $177.50, all of which went to the Doberman Assistance Network (DAN).  Congratulations to Elka for receiving the Princess Collar.

Princess Collar


We just received information on the recipient of this collar and would like to share it with you.

Elka’s Swank New Collar!

Well…while the bidding was going on, one of my lovely aunts emailed me about Elka’s collar size, claiming that a pet store by her was having some great sales on leather collars, and she wanted to get one for Elka.

Guess who fell for it hook, line, and sinker?

Guess what came in the mail this week?

Yeah, that’s right. My lovely Aunt Jen got that collar for Elka!

(Elka is still not thrilled with the red couch)

Of course, it’s always dark out when I get home and get my mail, so the lighting for my pictures is atrocious (yeah, that’s what I’ll blame the quality on….).

Hopefully, Aunt Jen doesn’t mind my outing her like this (and she is welcome to tell me if she is, obviously!)  I was just so thrilled when I opened the box. I thought “oh neat, the collar came!”  Then I thought “Holy smokes, her local pet store sells Cerberus designs collars?” Then I glanced at the card she wrote, but didn’t fully process what she meant by “To a good cause.” I mean, yeah, Cerberus designs donates to….wait a minute! This is THAT collar! So awesome. So thrilled!
I wondered, belatedly, where the personalization was. I remembered the auction saying that your dog’s name would be in it…then I realized that the red rhinestone-y bit moves just a bit.
The rhinestones might be a bit too swank to have this as everyday wear, but on the other hand, we do also have a leather couch to lay around on now too. So maybe we’ll rotate (I guess it’s time to get one of those Rubit clips or something for Elka’s tags, as she seemed profoundly weirded out by the fact that her collar for the photo shoot made no noise).
Thanks again, Aunt Jen! The Dobermans thank you as well (both the one in my home, and the ones that the Doberman Assistance Network helped with the fundraiser).
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