Dobereich Owners’ Group (D.O.G.) – 3rd Meeting

The Dobereich Owners’ Group (D.O.G.) 3rd meetup was on October 30th, 2011 at Rattlesnake Point Conservation, in Milton and a few Dobermans were spotted wearing their Cerberus Designs collars.  Not very often one is able to see so many great looking Dobermans at one place.  All the Dobermans were on their best behaviour, even the unaltered males.  We are excited to attend the 4th D.O.G. meetup at Winter Woofstock.

Custom Leather Collars

Custom Leather collars

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  • Kerrie

    We are looking so forward to seeing Dante and Kazi sporting their new Cerberus Collars.

  • Gpotyok

    It was awesome having you come to D.O.G. erd event and also so many beautiful collar samples to show everyone.