The Steel Cave just did a review of our collar.

Get two collars in one with Cerberus Designs

The hunt for a decent dog collar can be a monotonous task. Typically, it involves searching through various pet stores only to come up with something that is either too small to fit your pet or something of much lower quality then you were hoping to find. If you are lucky enough to find something of good quality, you are bound to pay an arm and a leg for it. My suggestion, turn to the Internet. You may be able to get lucky and find a gem like Cerberus designs.

This company, based just outside of Toronto Canada, creates beautiful custom leather dog collars at a competitive price point. You can now get a very high quality, made in Canada, product at a competitive price point without having to go to the big box stores. They will even custom print your dogs name on it. The model I received for review was the Canadiana. This collar allows your pet to showcase your Canadian pride while at the same time being able to switch looks with in a second. It features as removable strap that allows you to change the look quite easily. I found the leather was high quality with very high craftsmanship and the customer service was fantastic. They were quick to respond by email and asked questions for specific sizing and colour information to ensure they made it just right. My product came quite quickly in the mail and is now a big hit with our lady.

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