Winter is Coming … the Game of Thrones Collar

This beautiful collar was made for Diva, a red Malamute in Mississauga.  Diva’s owner is a fan of the TV show Games of Thrones and commissioned us to create a collar that has elements of the House of Stark.  So this was what we came up with.  This is a Quick Change collar with the bottom ply stamped with Diva’s name.  The top ply can be worn when Diva visits the dog parks.

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  • Robin Maile

    Love this! We will be contacting you to see if something similar can be done for our dane Bronn (G of T inspired).

  • Aaron Cameron

    Hi, roughly how much would this collar cost in English pounds?


    • admin

      About $64.88£

  • Kimberly Wood

    Would love to have a collar like this for our frenchie, Sansa, when she stops growing!